List of Superfast Mail/Express trains along with their source and destination stations, including departure and arrival timings.

Superfast Express

Superfast Mail/Express trains are a part of the express rail services of the Indian Railways. As compared to other passenger trains, these trains make fewer stops which helps them in achieving shorter journey times. Travelling in the superfast mails is a bit more expensive than the normal passenger mail/express trains but the quality of service enjoyed by the passengers is also better. In order to be considered a superfast train, the train should have an average speed, excluding halts, equaling or exceeding 55 kilometers per hour (34 mph) on both up and down journeys. The inclusion of halts naturally brings down the average speed; the more the halts, the lower will be the average speed of the train. The Grand Trunk Express, Archana Express, and Kerala Express are among the most popular superfast expresses that maintain an average speed throughout their route and often have the best Rake/Loco Combination.

List of Superfast Express trains with their arrival and departure timings.