You can search trains running between stations of the Indian Railways by entering the names of the two stations and get arrival and departure timings of the trains.

Trains Between Two Stations

To find trains running between two stations of the Indian Railways, you just need to type the names or the station codes in the search box and hit the submit button, which will display the list of all trains between two selected/desired stations.

Type Source and Destination station name or code

Trains from popular stations

Station Name Station Name
Abohar Achhnera Junction
Adra Junction Agra Cantonment
Ahmedabad Junction Ahmedpur Junction
Ajmer Junction Akola Junction
Aligarh Junction Alipurduar Junction
Alnavar Junction Ambala Cantonment
Amguri Junction Amla Junction
Amritsar Junction Anand Junction
Andal Junction Ankleshwar Junction
Anuppur Junction Arakkonam Junction
Arsikere Junction Asansol Junction
Asthal Bohar Junction Aunrihar Junction
Ayodhya Azimganj Junction
Bachwara Junction Badarpur Junction
Badnera Junction Baidyanathdham Deoghar
Bakhtiyarpur Junction Balamu Junction
Balharshah Junction Ballari Cantt.
Ballari Junction Banda Junction
Bandel Junction Bandikui Junction
Bankura Junction Banmankhi Junction
Barabanki Junction Barachak Junction
Barahat Junction Barang
Barauni Junction Barddhaman Junction
Bareilly Bargarh Road
Barharwa Junction Barhiya
Barsoi Junction Barwadih Junction
Batala Junction Bauria Junction
Bayana Junction Beas Junction
Bengaluru Cantt. Bengaluru City Junction
Bhaga Junction Bhagalpur Junction
Bharatpur Junction Bharoli Junction
Bharuch Junction Bhatinda Junction
Bhatni Junction Bhilai
Bhildi Junction Bhimavaram Junction
Bhimsen Junction Bhiwani Junction
Bhojipura Junction Bhojudih Junction
Bhopal Junction Bhowra Junction
Bhusaval Junction Bibinagar Junction
Bihar Sharif Junction Bikaner Junction
Bilaspur Junction Bilimora Junction
Billi Junction Bina Junction
Bina Malkhedi Junction Birlanagar Junction
Birur Junction Bobbili Junction
Bochasan Junction Bokaro Thermal
Bondamunda Boridand Junction
Botad Junction Burhwal Junction
Chalisgaon Junction Champa Junction
Champaner Road Junction Chanasma Junction
Chandausi Junction Chandigarh Junction
Chandil Junction Chandrapur
Chandrapura Junction Chanehti Junction
Chaparmukh Junction Chengalpattu Junction
Chhapra Junction Chheoki Junction
Chhindwara Junction Chhuchhapura Junction
Chikbanavar Junction Chikjajur Junction
Chilbila Junction Chittaurgarh Junction
Chunar Junction Churu Junction
Coimbatore Junction Coimbatore North Junction
Cuddalore Port Junction Cuttack Junction
Dabhoi Junction Dahod
Dalmau Junction Damodar Junction
Daniyawan Junction Darbhanga Junction
Darritola Junction Daryapur Junction
Daryapur Junction Daund Junction
Degana Junction Delhi Shahdara Junction
Deoghar Junction Dewas Junction
Dhanbad Junction Dhari Junction
Dharmapuri Dharmavaram Junction
Dhasa Junction Dhola Junction
Dholpur Junction Dhone Junction
Dhrangadhra Junction Dhuri Junction
Dildarnagar Junction Dindigul Junction
Diva Junction Dornakal Junction
Dum Dum Junction Dungar Junction
Duraundha Junction Durg Junction
Eklakhi Junction Ernakulam Junction
Erode Junction Etawah Junction
Faizabad Junction Fakiragram Junction
Farrukhabad Junction Fatuha Junction
Fazilka Junction Firozpur Cantt. Junction
Furkating Junction Gadag Junction
Gadwal Junction Gainsari Junction
Gajraula Junction Gandhidham Junction
Garhi Harsaru Junction Garhwa Road Junction
Gaya Junction Godhra Junction
Golakganj Junction Gonda Junction
Gondia Junction Gooty Junction
Gorakhpur Junction Govindpuri Junction
Gudivada Junction Gudur Junction
Guna Junction Guntakal Junction
Guntur Junction Gwalior Junction
Hadmatiya Junction Hajipur Junction
Hanumangarh Junction Hapur Junction
Haridwar Junction Harmuti Junction
Hassan Junction Hathidah Junction
Hathras Junction Hathua Junction
Hisar Junction Hosapete Junction
Hotgi Junction Howrah Junction
Hubballi Junction Idgah Agra Junction
Indara Junction Irugur Junction
Itarsi Junction Jabalpur Junction
Jaipur Junction Jakhal Junction
Jakhapura Junction Jalamb Junction
Jalandhar Cantt. Junction Jalandhar City Junction
Jalgaon Junction Jam Jodhpur Junction
Jamalpur Junction Jamnagar Junction
Janghai Junction Jankampet Junction
Jasidih Junction Jaunpur Junction
Jetalsar Junction Jhansi Junction
Jharsuguda Junction Jind Junction
Jodhpur Junction Jolarpettai Junction
Jorawarnagar Junction Junagadh Junction
Kadur Junction Kakinada Town Junction
Kalinarayanpur Junction Kalluru Junction
Kalol Junction Kalol Junction
Kalyan Junction Kamakhya Junction
Kanalus Junction Kanjari Boriyavi Junction
Kapilas Road Junction Kaptanganj Junction
Karaikkudi Junction Karaila Road Junction
Karjat Junction Karur Junction
Kasganj Junction Kashipur Junction
Katakhal Junction Katihar Junction
Katkola Junction Katni Junction
Katpadi Junction Katwa Junction
Kayamkulam Junction Kazipet Junction
Khagaria Junction Khairar Junction
Khana Junction Khanapur Deccan Junction
Khandwa Junction Kharagpur Junction
Khijadiya Junction Khirsadoh Junction
Khurda Road Junction Khurja Junction
Kiul Junction Koderma Junction
Kollam Junction Koraput Junction
Kosamba Junction Kot Kapura Junction
Kota Junction Kotshila Junction
Kottavalasa Junction Krishna Canal Junction
Krishnanagar City Junction Kumedpur Junction
Kurduvadi Junction Kurukshetra Junction
Laksar Junction Lal Kuan Junction
Lalgarh Junction Lalitpur Junction
Latur Road Junction Laxmibai Nagar Junction
Loharu Junction Lohian Khas Junction
Lonand Junction Londa Junction
Luckeesarai Junction Lucknow Junction
Ludhiana Junction Lumding Junction
Luni Junction Madar Junction
Madgaon Junction Madhupur Junction
Madurai Junction Mahesana Junction
Mahoba Junction Mahuda Junction
Mahuva Junction Mailani Junction
Mainpuri Junction Majorda Junction
Majri Junction Makrana Junction
Maksi Junction Makum Junction
Malhaur Junction Maliya Miyana Junction
Malkajgiri Junction Malkera Junction
Manamadurai Junction Mandhana Junction
Mangaluru Junction Manikpur Junction
Mankapur Junction Manmad Junction
Manpur Junction Mansi Junction
Mariani Junction Marwar Junction
Mathura Junction Mau Junction
Mavli Junction Mayiladuturai Junction
Meerut City Junction Merta Road Junction
Miraj Junction Mokama Junction
Moradabad Junction Morinda Junction
Muazzampur Narayan Junction Mudkhed Junction
Mukuria Junction Muri Junction
Murtizapur Junction Muzaffarpur Junction
Mysuru Junction Nadiad Junction
Nadikude Junction Nagappattinam Junction
Nagbhir Junction Nagda Junction
Nagercoil Junction Nagpur Junction
Naihati Junction Naini Junction
Najibabad Junction Nakodar Junction
Nalhati Junction Nallapadu Junction
Nannilam Junction Nanpara Junction
Narkatiaganj Junction Narkher Junction
Narwana Junction Naupada Junction
Nawanshahr Doaba Junction Neral Junction
Netaji SC Bose Gomoh Junction New Bongaigaon Junction
New Cooch Behar Junction New Farakka Junction
New Gitldada Junction New Jalpaiguri Junction
New Mal Junction New Tinsukia Junction
Nidadavolu Junction Nidamangalam Junction
Ningala Junction Old Delhi Junction
Old Malda Junction Omalur Junction
Pachora Junction Padapahar Junction
Pahlejaghat Junction Pakala Junction
Palakkad Junction Palanpur Junction
Palasdhari Junction Panipat Junction
Panskura Junction Panvel Junction
Parbhani Junction Partapgarh Junction
Pathankot Junction Pathardih Junction
Patliputra Junction Patna Junction
Peddapalli Junction Pendekallu Junction
Penukonda Junction Peralam Junction
Phagwara Junction Phalodi Junction
Phaphamau Junction Phephna Junction
Phillaur Junction Phulera Junction
Pilibhit Junction Pipar Road Junction
Podanur Junction Prachi Road Junction
Pradhankhunta Junction Prayag Junction
Prayagraj Junction Pt. DD Upadhyaya Junction
Pulgaon Junction Pune Junction
Puntamba Junction Purna Junction
Purnia Junction Purulia Junction
Rae Bareli Junction Raichur Junction
Raikabag Palace Junction Raipur Hariyana Junction
Raipur Junction Raiwala Junction
Rajkharsawan Junction Rajkot Junction
Rajpura Junction Rajula Junction
Ramganj Mandi Junction Ramkanali Junction
Rampur Junction Ranaghat Junction
Ranchi Junction Rangapara North Junction
Rangiya Junction Raninagar Jalpaiguri Junction
Ratangarh Junction Ratlam Junction
Raxaul Junction Renigunta Junction
Rewari Junction Ringas Junction
Rohtak Junction Rourkela Junction
Roza Junction Rupsa Junction
Ruthiyai Junction Sabarmati Junction
Sabarmati Junction Sadulpur Junction
Saharanpur Junction Saharsa Junction
Sahibabad Junction Sahibpur Kamal Junction
Sainthia Junction Sakri Junction
Salem Junction Salempur Junction
Samakhiali Junction Samalkot Junction
Samastipur Junction Sambalpur Junction
Samdhari Junction Samlaya Junction
Samuktala Road Junction Santragachi Junction
Sarla Junction Sarupsar Junction
Sasaram Junction Satna Junction
Sawai Madhopur Junction Secunderabad Junction
Senchoa Junction Seoraphuli Junction
Sewagram Junction Shahganj Junction
Shapur Junction Shikohabad Junction
Shoranur Junction Sikar Junction
Siliguri Junction Simaluguri Junction
Singapuram Road Junction Sini Junction
Sirhind Junction Sitamarhi Junction
Sitapur City Junction Sitarampur Junction
Siwan Junction Solapur Junction
Son Nagar Junction Sonpur Junction
Sorbhog Junction Sultanpur Junction
Suratgarh Junction Surendranagar Junction
Talala Junction Tall Junction
Talvadiya Junction Tapri Junction
Tarikere Junction Tatanagar Junction
Tenali Junction Tenkasi Junction
Than Junction Thana Bihpur Junction
Thanjavur Junction Thawe Junction
Thiruvarur Junction Tilaiya Junction
Tinpahar Junction Tinsukia Junction
Tiruchchirappalli Junction Tirunelveli Junction
Titlagarh Junction Toranagallu Junction
Tundla Junction Udhna Junction
Udi Junction Ujjain Junction
Unchahar Junction Unnao Junction
Utraitia Junction Vadodara Junction
Vanchi Maniyachchi Junction Varanasi Junction
Vasad Junction Veraval Junction
Verka Junction Vijayawada Junction
Vikarabad Junction Villupuram Junction
Viramgam Junction Virudunagar Junction
Visakhapatnam Junction Visavadar Junction
Vizianagaram Junction Vridhachalam Junction
Wadi Junction Walajah Road Junction
Wankaner Junction Wardha Junction
Yelahanka Junction Yesvantpur Junction
Zafarabad Junction