Check PNR status of your Indian railway train ticket online using the PNR number to get current seat availability and booking status.

PNR Status

You can easily check PNR Status of your ticket on this page online. All you need to do is just enter the 10-digit IRCTC train ticket PNR number in the search form, which will return the current PNR status instantly.
Check PNR Status:
Symbol Description
CAN / MOD Cancelled or Modified Passenger
CNF Confirmed (Coach/Berth number will be available after chart preparation)
RAC Reservation Against Cancellation
WL # Waiting List Number
RLWL Remote Location Wait List
GNWL General Wait List
PQWL Pooled Quota Wait List
REGRET/WL No More Booking Permitted
RELEASED Ticket Not Cancelled but Alternative Accommodation Provided
R# # RAC Coach Number Berth Number

What is PNR?
PNR (Passenger Name Record) is a 10 digit code displayed on top-left corner of an Indian Railway ticket. In other words, PNR is simply the travel record of a person or a group of people and it is maintained in CRS (Central Reservation System) database of Indian Railways. The PNR code helps passengers to get updates about the status of their seat status and journey. PNR is of immense help to those passengers, who do not have confirmed tickets.

With the help of this code they can check whether their tickets are confirmed or not. In addition to the status of your booked ticket, PNR search returns other important details like train name, boarding date, boarding point and the destination.

Types of Waitlist Tickets
On the basis of some predefined rules, Indian Railway gives various types of waitlist quotas on unconfirmed tickets at the time of booking. Here are the various types of Waitlist tickets issued by Indian Railways.

GNWL (General Waiting List)
In case you have a GNWL waitlist ticket, the liklihood of confirmation of the ticket is high. This type of waitlist quota is issued when you are starting your journey from a station close to train source station and terminating your journey at a station close to the train destination station.

CKWL (Tatkal Waiting List)
Indian Railways provides for a different Waitlist type for tickets booked under tatkal. For tickets booked under tatkal quota, you get CKWL status if your ticket is not confirmed. The general rule is that GNWL waitlist tickets get confirmed first followed by the CKWL tickets. So the probability of a CKWL ticket getting confirmed is very less.

In addition to these two waiting list quotas (GNWL & CKWL), the Indian Railways has some other types of W/L quotas as well in long journey trains. These waitlist quotas are RLWL (Remote Location Waiting List), PQWL (Pooled Quota Waiting List), RQWL (Request Waiting List), RLGN (Remote Location General Waiting List) and RSWL (Roadside Station Waiting List). These waitlist type tickets have very less chances of confirmation.