List of passenger trains along with their source and destination stations, including departure and arrival timings.

Passenger Trains

Passenger Trains are the ones meant primarily for transporting passengers from one station to another. These trains include passenger-carrying vehicles for this purpose and are often very long. Travelling between stations or depots, these trains make stoppages of specified durations in the stations so that the passengers may board and disembark. To provide for the convenience of travelers, passenger trains in most cases, operate on a fixed schedule. They are also accorded higher track occupancy rights over freight trains. These trains can be of several groups: Inter-city trains, Fast trains, and Regional trains. Inter-city trains connect cities in the fastest time possible. Fast passenger expresses connect large cities while bypassing smaller cities and towns. Regional trains, sometimes also called slow passenger trains, make multiple stops at all intermediate stations and are convenient for getting off at small towns and villages. However, sometimes the distinction between the types can be thin or even non-existent.

List of Passenger trains with their arrival and departure timings.