Get complete information on arrival-departure time table, route & stops of Daund -Baramati Shuttle (UnReserved) (51327).

51327/Daund -Baramati Shuttle (UnReserved)

Daund -Baramati Shuttle (UnReserved) (51327) - Daund Junction (DD) To Baramati (BRMT) - Train Details

Get useful information including departure timing, departure days, arrival and travel time of Daund -Baramati Shuttle (UnReserved) (Train No 51327) running between Daund Junction (DD) to Baramati (BRMT) stations

Daund -Baramati Shuttle (UnReserved), Train Number - 51327

Daund Junction (DD)
Baramati (BRMT)

Departure Days From Daund Junction Railway Station - Daily

The following table displays the time schedule of Daund -Baramati Shuttle (UnReserved) (Train number 51327) running between DD-BRMT stations. This train time table provides arrival, departure and halt time of Daund -Baramati Shuttle (UnReserved) at each station in its route. The table also provides distance traveled by the train from its starting point (Daund Junction).

51327/Daund -Baramati Shuttle (UnReserved) with timing schedule, route & stops
S# Code Station Name Dist.
(in KM)
Arrival Dept. Halt Day of Arrival
1. DD Daund Junction 0.0 SOURCE 14:35 -
2. MDDG Single Diesel BG 13.0 14:56 14:57 1 min
3. SSI Shirsai 20.0 15:07 15:08 1 min
4. SSF Sirsuphal 21.0 15:12 15:13 1 min
5. KFH Katphal 33.0 15:28 15:29 1 min
6. BRMT Baramati 43.0 15:55 DEST -

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