Get complete information on arrival-departure time table, route & stops of Konch Ait Passenger (51868).

51868/Konch Ait Passenger

Konch Ait Passenger (51868) - Konch (KNH) To Ait (AIT) - Train Details

Get useful information including departure timing, departure days, arrival and travel time of Konch Ait Passenger (Train No 51868) running between Konch (KNH) to Ait (AIT) stations

Konch Ait Passenger, Train Number - 51868

Konch (KNH)
Ait (AIT)

Departure Days From Konch Railway Station - Daily

The following table displays the time schedule of Konch Ait Passenger (Train number 51868) running between KNH-AIT stations. This train time table provides arrival, departure and halt time of Konch Ait Passenger at each station in its route. The table also provides distance traveled by the train from its starting point (Konch).

51868/Konch Ait Passenger with timing schedule, route & stops
S# Code Station Name Dist.
(in KM)
Arrival Dept. Halt Day of Arrival
1. KNH Konch 0.0 SOURCE 19:50 -
2. AIT Ait 13.0 20:25 DEST -

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