List of Mail & Express Trains along with their source and destination stations, including departure and arrival timings.

Mail & Express

Mails or Express trains are among the train services provided by the Indian Railways. The regular express trains make small number of stops, unlike Passenger/Local train. Due to the limited number of stops, these trains are able to obtain the highest speeds of any trains in India. On an average, express trains run at a speed exceeding 36 km/h, excluding halts. Including halts may bring down the average speed to around 20 km/h in some cases. Superfast Mail/Express trains, in contrast to the regular expresses make few stops which enables them to achieve somewhat shorter journey times. At present the Indian Railways operate more than 450 pairs of superfast trains which have an average speed, excluding halts, equaling or exceeding 55 km/h. Indian railways run non reserved Mail/Express trains under the brand Jan Sadharan Express and also have unreserved/general compartment on other Express/Mail trains. Some of the common trains in India belonging to this category are Howrah Chennai Mail, Thiruvananthapuram Mail, Charminar Express, and Lucknow Mail.

List of Mail & Express trains with their arrival and departure timings.