List of Rajdhani Express trains along with their source and destination stations, including departure and arrival timings.

Rajdhani Express

The Rajdhani Express trains are a series of passenger trains in India that connect the capital "Rajdhani" New Delhi to several other important cities in the country (mostly capital cities of other states). Counted among the fastest trains in India, Rajdhani Expresses are often categorized with Shatabdi Express and Duronto Express and get the highest priority on the Indian railway network. The trains provide luxuriant travelling experience to the passengers with fully air-conditioned coaches and complimentary meals that could include morning tea, breakfast, lunch, high tea and dinner. First launched in 1969, these trains have fewer stops than other express trains and halt only at prominent stations. More recently, the Indian Railways has also introduced free wi-fi facility in Rajdhani Express trains. Currently there are 22 sets of Rajdhani Express operational, connecting New Delhi to important cities across the country, the most popular ones being Mumbai Rajdhani, Swarna Jayanti Rajdhani, Bangalore Rajdhani, and Jammu Tawi Rajdhani.
List of Rajdhani Express trains with their arrival and departure timings.