List of AC Superfast trains along with source and destination stations, including departure and arrival timings.

AC Superfast

AC Superfast Mail/Express trains come under the rail services provided by the Indian Railways. These trains are fully air-conditioned passenger trains linking major cities in India with one another. AC Superfast trains are accorded high priority over the regular passenger trains. Counted among the fastest in India, these trains travel at about 130 km/h (82 mph). Being Superfast trains, they stop at only a few select stations while skipping the intermediate ones, making the journey time shorter. Due to the better services provided to the passengers, the fares of AC Superfast trains are naturally higher than those for regular passenger mails. The New Delhi Dehradun Nanda Devi Express is referred to as an AC Superfast train even though it averages well below 55 km/h (34 mph). Another popular train belonging to this category is the Bandra Terminus - Bhagat Ki Kothi AC Special which runs with an average speed of 54 km/h.

List of AC Superfast trains with their arrival and departure timings.