You can search trains running between stations of the Indian Railways by entering the names of the two stations and get arrival and departure timings of the trains.

Trains Between Two Stations

To find trains running between two stations of the Indian Railways, you just need to type the names or the station codes in the search box and hit the submit button, which will display the list of all trains between two selected/desired stations.

Type Source and Destination station name or code

Trains between some popular destinations

Agra to Jaipur

Bengaluru to Chennai

Bengaluru to Delhi

Bengaluru to Hyderabad

Bengaluru to Mysuru

Chandigarh to Delhi

Chennai to Bengaluru

Chennai to Tirupati

Delhi to Agra

Delhi to Amritsar

Delhi to Bengaluru

Delhi to Chennai

Delhi to Dehradun

Delhi to Jaipur

Delhi to Jammu Tawi

Delhi to Lucknow

Delhi to Mumbai

Delhi to Nappur

Jaipur to Delhi

Jaipur to Mumbai

Kalka to Shimla

Mumbai to Ahmedabad

Mumbai to Bengaluru

Mumbai to Delhi

Mumbai to Jaipur

Mumbai to Madgaon

Pune to Delhi

Pune to Mumbai

Pune to Nappur