Get complete information on arrival-departure time table, route & stops of Dornakal Vijayawada MEMU (67271).

67271/Dornakal Vijayawada MEMU

Dornakal Vijayawada MEMU (67271) - Dornakal Junction (DKJ) To Vijayawada Junction (BZA) - Train Details

Get useful information including departure timing, departure days, arrival and travel time of Dornakal Vijayawada MEMU (Train No 67271) running between Dornakal Junction (DKJ) to Vijayawada Junction (BZA) stations

Dornakal Vijayawada MEMU, Train Number - 67271

Dornakal Junction (DKJ)
Vijayawada Junction (BZA)

Departure Days From Dornakal Junction Railway Station - Daily

The following table displays the time schedule of Dornakal Vijayawada MEMU (Train number 67271) running between DKJ-BZA stations. This train time table provides arrival, departure and halt time of Dornakal Vijayawada MEMU at each station in its route. The table also provides distance traveled by the train from its starting point (Dornakal Junction).

67271/Dornakal Vijayawada MEMU with timing schedule, route & stops
S# Code Station Name Dist.
(in KM)
Arrival Dept. Halt Day of Arrival
1. DAILY 0.0 4 KHAMMAM -
2. DKJ Dornakal Junction 0.0 SOURCE 09:00 -
3. MOTIMARI 0.0 MTMI 10:00 -
4. PAPATAPALL 0.0 PPY 09:04 -
5. RAYANAPAD 0.0 RYP 11:23 -
6. BKL Bona Kalu 50.0 09:53 09:54 1 min
7. KI Kondapalli 106.0 11:09 11:10 1 min

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